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Cryptocurrency Vloggers on YouTube is Moving to LBRY Following a Ban on Cryptocurrency Tutorial Videos By YouTube.

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On Dec 23, thousands of cryptocurrency Vloggers from YouTube, a video streaming platform received an email notifying them of video ban.  Some cryptocurrency vloggers using YouTube to vlog had their cryptocurrency tutorial videos banned earlier this month. A popular cryptocurrency…


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What is Cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular…

[VIDEO] The Former Governor Central Bank of Nigeria Encourages Students to go for Cryptocurrency Tutorials Before Going into it.

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At a recent event held on July 2018 at University Of Nigeria Nsukka, in Enugu State. The formal Governor CBN , Prof Charles Soludo spoke on the importance of cryptocurrency tutorials for prospective entrepreneurs. He spoke extensively on the life…

[WATCH VIDEO] Beginner to Pro Trading Video Tutorials

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The Video guides is beginner friendly and have categories ranging from what blockchain is, to trading skills using FA — Fundamental Analysis and TA — Technical Analysis down to DeFi.

Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading

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Cryptocurrency Trading 101. Cryptocurrency Trading simply means the buying and selling of different digital assets for profit usually done on any cryptocurrency exchange. Someone who trades cryptocurrency is known as a cryptocurrency trader.  Cryptocurrency Traders buy and sell digital assets…

Ponzi Schemes: Cryptocurrency Wallet Users Increase in Nigeria Following the Increase in Pyramid Schemes Like Million Money Investment.

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Results show that a good number of Nigerians opened new Cryptocurrency Wallets in other to invest in ponzi schemes and other money doubling schemes. 

Four Best Wallets for Staking Cryptocurrency in 2020

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Coin staking is getting popular among cryptocurrency investors. Coin staking allows cryptocurrency holders to earn passive income on the coin he or she is holding. With the increase in stacking pools and wallets, more and more crypto exchanges are copying…

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Tops Our Weekly Overview On Cryptocurrency

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Government of Ghana announced its using blockchain technology to create a transparent and accountable land registration.  Ghana Minister of Finance Ken Ofori said their goal is to be the leading hub for ICT innovation in Africa….

The Top Five Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Where You Can Buy Bitcoin With Nigeria Naira.

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The Top Five Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Where You Can Buy Bitcoin With Nigera Naira. Research shows that the top five cryptocurrency exchanges trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria are not indigenous exchange. These exchanges offer Naira to Bitcoin Trading…

Weekly News Overview On Cryptocurrency News.

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This is a weekly news round up of events concerning some remarkable happenings around the cryptocurrency community. Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Congress this week concerning Libra Project. The outcome of the hearing wasn’t interesting because US Congress seems…