A Popular Nigerian Musician and Comedian, Speed Darlington Akpi Said He Lost His Money to Bitcoin.

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The Nigeria born musician Speed Darlington Akpi confirm this through his Instagram account yesterday after making a video promoting a Bitcoin vendor @greatib.

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Speed Darlington Akpi said he invested $1000 in bitcoin and it all went down to $50. Moreso, he said that the coronavirus effect is affecting the world economy confronting investors to sell their bitcoin to @greatib on instagram, a bitcoin vendor.

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This is the second time a Nigeria musician is talking about Bitcoin on social media. The Nigerian based musician, Speed Darlington is also a comedian.

Following the bitcoin market crash and also the fall in the value of naira against dollar, many investors are selling off their bitcoin in fear, in other to stay safe amidst the global economic crash. 

Some others are resorting to buying tatcoin. You can see below the steps on how to buy tatcoin on Abitnetwork.

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Meanwhile, many of his fans who are cryptocurrency traders in Nigeria didn’t buy his advice as they were against people selling off their Bitcoin to @greatib. 

“And great IB will do what with the Bitcoin? I ain’t selling any shit, rather I will buy more. Gr8 IB should sell his coins to me. I’m buying.”

“Lol bad advice brotha, people should be buying more Bitcoin and stock right now not selling.”

While many cryptocurrency investors are looking to sell their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency that they are holding, some others are willing to buy the dip and hold hoping to see a price reversal.

Some other Nigerian celebrities involved in Bitcoin includes Bro Shaggy, a popular Nigerian Comedian who is also an ambassador to a Tradefada, Cryptocurrency Exchange in Nigeria. 

And also Eva Alordiah who encouraged Nigerians to invest in Bitcoin and buy more stocks or properties now that the economy is in shambles.

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