Australian Police Arrests 18-Year-Old Bitcoin (BTC) Drug Dealer. 

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Australia local law enforcement agency arrests 18-year-old drug dealer from Tasmania, Australia. 

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The Examiner reports that the 18 years old drug dealer was caught at the spot with a batch of drugs in his mail. He was charged with drug trafficking following his arrest.

The Australian teenager was responsible for controlling the movement of illegal drugs into his area with the help of a mail corridor. 

The illegal drugs seized by local law enforcement include MDMA, Ketamine, and cocaine. They were cumulatively worth more than $100,000.

“The seizure of 450 grams of MDMA will disrupt the supply of the party drug and reduce risk to the Tasmanian community,” said Detective Inspector Chambers.

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The police reportedly seized $10,000 and some Bitcoin (BTC). The police reports that the young drug dealer uses bitcoin to process his payments with his clients.

According to the reports from, “Bitcoin remains the preferred payment method of bad actors long after the days of Silk Road.”

Bitcoin is widely used by the bad guys to engage in illegal business activities so as to remain anonymous from the detectors. It’s widely used by the darknet operators to process transactions.

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