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Dan Holding is Set to officially Launch its P2P Platform Localcoinex

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P2p is the new trading strategy for Africans and Nigerians following the Ban on cryptocurrencies by the Central bank of Nigeria. The ban has increased the awareness and adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Localcoinex, a p2p Exchange built-in…

CBN Crypto Regulations: A Crypto Trader Claims GTBank Threatened to Arrest him.

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Crypto Trader on Twitter claims that Guarantee Trust Bank has threatened to arrest him after blocking his bank account. @Maxdiwailee on Twitter has claimed that he was threatened by GTBank for mainly trading cryptocurrencies, according to him, GTBank claimed that…

NGNT Stablecoin Launches on Binance Smart Chain Following the Nigerian Central Bank Crypto Ban

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In a quick bid to ensure continued operations, BuyCoins, a popular Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange, has moved to fully endorse the Naira Token (NGNT) stablecoin. NGNT is backed by USDC and BUSD which are leading global digital dollar stable coins. The…

Twitter CEO and Rapper Jay-Z Set Up a 500 Bitcoins Endowment Fund (₿trust) Focused on Africa and India

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Multimillionaire Rapper Jay-Z has teamed up with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey,  a bitcoin and decentralization advocate to give 500 bitcoins to a new endowment fund, labeled B trust, to fund Bitcoin development, with its focus on teams in Africa and…

We have engaged with the CBN and agreed to work together to further analyze Crypto securities Says SEC Nigeria

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SEC PRESS RELEASE:  “We have engaged with the CBN and agreed to work together to further analyze Crypto securities” The Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC Nigeria) has put out a Press release to calm all opinions concerning the…

South Africa Government to regulate crypto trading Due to Increased Scam Activities 

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South African regulators are seeking to exercise more control over cryptocurrency trading, coming after the collapse of what was asserted to be the largest Ponzi scheme the country has ever seen.

“I Don’t Want to do Forex Trading or Crypto,” – Dr. Joe Abah

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Dr Joe Abah is currently the Country Director of DAI (Development Alternative Inc). Prior to returning to Nigeria in 2003, he worked in various public sector organisations in the UK, including the Prime Minister’s Office of Public Service Reforms and…

ABiT Network Champions Next Of Kin Policy Among Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria

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A recent tweet from Abit Network CEO Gaius Chibueze also known as bitcoin Chief has further explained the Essence of the Next of Kin feature in across crypto exchanges. The tweet was a conversation between him and a User of…

Indian Crypto exchange BuyUCoin allegedly exposes 325K users’ personal data 

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Users of Indian crypto exchange BuyUCoin have reportedly being affected by a breach compromising personal data of more than 325,000 people. BuyUCoin Exchange Officials initially denied the reports of this data breach, but later added that all user funds are…

Gaming Technology and Cryptocurrency Dualization 

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Gaming is one of the popularized hobbies today around the world. There are millions of gamers all over the world. Gaming goes way back to the 1950’s and it has been recorded on human history and games as being inextricably…