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Duru Joselyn

Ethereum Addresses on Profit Reaches Another 2-year High of Over 82% 

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Most ethereum investors are currently on profit already. A big percent of ethereum addresses are in profit (1d MA) just reached an increase of 82.247%.

Anonymous #Eth Wallet Transfers $68,847,701 to Unknown wallet.

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With Ethereum’s price holding up at about $463, a crypto whale just moved $68,847,701 to an unknown wallet.

Nigeria Actively Involving in the Blockchain Industry; Sets to Generate $10 Billion as Revenue From Blockchain Industry by 2030.

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Nigeria Actively Involving in the Blockchain Industry; Sets to Generate $10 million as Revenue by 2030.

What is a Befitting Punishment for Fraudsters in the Cryptocurrency Industry?

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The alarming rate of crime perpetration is  not only for physical assets as it has now been on an increase in the digital world too. Imprisonment or payment of fines have always been the culture for punishing crimes, not exempting the cyber ones. 

A Wealthy Investor Moves 13,302 Eth Worth over $5 Million Dollars to Uniswap

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A crypto whale trader has reportedly made a large Ethereum transfer worth $5,025,871 through Uniswap. 

Latest Report Shows a Decrease in the Rate of Blockchain Attacks in 2020

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There has been a drastic decline in the rate of cryptocurrency and Blockchain hacks through the course of the year; 2020.

Xend Introduces Xend Finance to Bring Higher Yields to Nigerian Savers.

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Xend Finance will bring higher yields to Nigerian savers revolutionizing traditional savings system.