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South Africa Releases 30 Recommendations for Cryptocurrency Regulations in Compliance With FAFT Standards.

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South Africa’s top financial regulators and the country’s apex bank—South African Reserve Bank, have collectively issued a policy paper with 30 recommendations for the regulation of cryptocurrency and related service providers. 

China to Form National Blockchain Committee With Tencent, Huawei, Baidu and Others.

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China is looking to take over the blockchain space while the other world powers are still trying to recover from the adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Top Nigerian Banks Looking to Take Over the Fintech and Digital Currency and Payment Space in Nigeria

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While many fintech startups are emerging in Nigeria, banks and financial institutions are re-positioning to maintain their stronghold. Moreso, crypto companies are emerging to provide user-friendly products to their customers.

GTBank Wants to Restructure into a Holdings Company to Enter the Fintech Space.

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GTBank, the largest digital banking service provider in Nigeria is considering to restructure as a holdings company. The bank’s CEO, Segun Agbaje, disclosed the plan during the bank’s earnings call for the fourth quarter of 2019.

Images of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Surfaces the Internet.

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Screenshots of the supposed online test wallet for the China’s Central Bank Digital Currency has surfaced the internet following an announcement that its use will be tested in four major cities of China.