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Beepmagnet Launches BMToken on Ethereum Blockchain, Supporting BMCT Coin Swap.

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Beepmagnet creates its own ecosystem token dubbed BMToken on the ethereum blockchain which can be swapped to BMCT Coin on 1:1 ratio. 

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The new Beepmagnet token, an ERC20 token with the ticker BMT will be used to foster customer loyalty rewards on the platform. 

Beepmagnet CEO, Dr. Gilead Okolonkwo, has streamlined the direction of the company to standout amongst others in the use of blockchain to solve real life problems. 

The Focus of Beepmagnet Group in the blockchain space is “Revolutionlization of Consumer Loyalty”. 

Beepmagnet is on a mission to move the traditional consumer loyalty and rewards solutions into the blockchain. Moreover, within the last four years, Beepmagnet has been working behind the scene to prove the possibility of using blockchain by merchants in Africa to reward loyal customers.

This has led Beepmagnet to develop her own  Private blockchain known as BMCToken Blockchain. The BMCToken blockchain supports BMCT coins, a utility coin that can be used by merchant stores to reward their loyal customers.  

Introducing BeepMagnet Token ( BMToken)

What is BMToken?

BeepMagnet Token, BMToken, is a utility token of Beepmagnet Group that supports BMCT coin.

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BMToken contract also supports the BMCT coin SWAP for speed and decentralization on a 1:1 ratio. This means that BMCT coin holders can SWAP their BMCT coins to BMToken any time. 

BeepMagnet group has created a hybrid ecosystem that supports ethereum blockchain, BMToken and BMCT Blockchain, BMCT Coins.

Beepmagnet Group can officially say: we are combining two major blockchain innovation to prove that; “ Blockchain technology is the future and that Blockchain Technology can be Trusted”. 

Beepmagnet International Group official coin and token are:

BMCT coin (Blockchain merchant consumer token) 

BMToken (BeepMagnet Token)

Our Coin and Token Tickers are : 

Blockchain merchant consumer token ( BMCT)

Beepmagnet Token ( BMT)

BMCT runs on BMCToken Blockchain, while BMToken runs on Ethereum blockchain. 

The Future of BMCT Coins, BMCT and BMToken, BMT.

The two bpockchain will be interacting hand-in-hand to foster the future of consumer loyalty and reward achieving: 

  • Trust 
  • Transparency
  • Speed 
  • Decentralization. 

BMCT hybrid blockchain combines POW, POS, and  Master Nodes supporting BMCT coins. 

BMCT Master-Node can execute a smart contract of 100 years that determine the coin supply which consumer can earn from merchants activating its loyalty solution which is backed by a Master-Node Smart Contract.  

Beepmagnet Group is looking to create eleven use-cases that will drive the adoption of BMCT and BMT. This use-cases will be built around BMCT blockchain and BMToken.  

“With BMT we will expose our project globally, opening third party smart contract integration.” This includes:

a. Easy listing on exchanges.

b. Decentralization 

c. Merchant API integration. 

“BMCT and BMT Holds the foundation for the world’s blockchain consumer Loyalty Rewards” 

The Beepmagnet Blockchain Use Cases Includes;

  • SisiBox
  • QtradeAi
  • Global Empowerment Initiative ( GEI)
  • BMCToken GiFT Card
  • Laundry Mart
  • MobDoctor 
  • SiSipower
  • Zardicon 
  • BMCToken Master Card. 

Beepmagnet Group believes the diversified use cases of its blockchain ecosystem will support global adoption of BMCT coins and BMToken.

Beepmagnet Future Objective 

  • We want to see a time when consumers will reject Gift card points or loyalty points that are not powered with blockchain technology, which limits the consumer to speed or redeem loyalty value only at the place it was given. 
  • We look forward to a time when consumers will ask merchants for BMCT coin or BMToken as their preferred option for a loyalty reward. 
  • We envision a time where consumers can redeem BMCT coin & BMToken Globally across all merchants connected on our Blockchain Network. 
  • Imagine holding BMCT coin or BMToken received from a merchant store for years of shopping which you can pass as a gift to your children.

The BMCT coin or BMToken can be traded on exchanges where its is listed. 

Moreover, you can always access your coins provided you still have access to your wallet’s “private key“ and the passphrase of BMToken and BMCT coins respectively.  

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