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The Long-Awaited Bitcoin Trial Begins On 1st Of November

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Monday, November 1st will see the start of the trial between David Kleiman and Craig Wright. The Kleiman estate is demanding $11.4 billion along with a return of the right to intellectual property (IP) or at least its fair market value. On one side Bitcoinsv supporters and fans of Craig Wright speculate that the trial will eventually prove Wright apparent satoshi claims.

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A little over 3 years ago Craig Wright was taken to court by the Kleiman estate over the alleged relationship with the late David Kleiman, former computer forensic expert. The Bitcoin lawsuit started on February 14 2018 as it is alleged that Kleiman was involved in several business relationships with Wright. 

The Kleiman estate accused Wright of executing techniques against Dave’s estate to steal his bitcoins and his right to certain intellectual property related to the Bitcoin technology.

The court will deliberate on whether or not Wright and Kleiman’s estate statements are valid and the existence of $1.1 million bitcoins reportedly kept in Trusts. Wright’s associates and Bitcoins (BSV) supporters completely believe his story. 

The Billionaire Calvin Ayre tweeted on the 30th of October that the trail will change everything you think you know about Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Wright critics and those who don’t believe his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto have been conversing about the upcoming trial too. The Twitter account of Arthur van Pelt, the founder of the web portal called “The Faketoshi Fraud Timeline,” has been berating Wright’s claim regularly through social media.

Whatever the case may be and what the jury decides, this promises to be an interesting case, to say the least. Both parties will present their case in court while we wait for the final verdict. 

Will Satoshi Nakamoto finally be revealed? We hope to see the final verdict of the case or in most court cases it’s adjoining till all the facts are cleared.

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