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The bitcoin market is showing a good strong support at 7800-8900

The current crypto-market cap still at over $370b with the bitcoin market having 37.7% of the market cap. The support level really strong indicates a new bull run likely ending at $12000-$19000. With the launch of NASDAQ Crypto-Trading Platform coming next month and news of the four richest men (Gates, Bezos, Buffet and Zuckerberg) coming together to talk on the possible influence of Cryptocurrency in the new technology world of digital money. The Cryptocurrency Market especially the bitcoin market Capitalization will certainly see a new All Time High the dawn of this year 2018. Predictions abound that the BITCOIN MARKET will be heading towards $50,000 in Price come dawn of 2018.

Tim Drapper was recently reported to have said that bitcoin reaches $250,000 by 2022 when he was aired on CNN TV.

Bill Gates was recently aired on CNN Indonesia were he announced of $1.2b investment in Bitcoin Wealth.



The altcoin market is equally not left out in this. With the recent strong support on bitcoin saw almost all the altcoin in the crypto-market at a dip support level. With ETH dominating the altcoin market cap with a market capitalization of $66.9b following after BITCOIN that has $140.05b market capitalization of the over all $370b Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization.

The next BULLISH TREND is not far fetched as the top richest men of the world talks about the crypto-market.
The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has hinted previously on Blockchain Technology integration into the Facebook Messenger app. Which saw the introduction of David Marcus into the Facebook Dev Team to be in charge of the Blockchain.

The Cryptocurrency Market Bullish Trend for June is always on good green position.


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