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Bittrex International To Halt Cryptocurrency Trading In Ghana And Some Other African And Non-African Countries.

Bittrex International, an European regulated Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange will cease operations in Ghana, top Africa countries and other non-African countries.

In an email to Ghana customers, Bittrex International announced that the exchange will close accounts and trading access to users on Oct. 29. Users are expected to withdraw their funds with the exchange before that date. 

This may be due to the state of cryptocurrency regulations in Africa . Most African countries don’t recognize cryptocurrency while some does. Kenya supports more compared to other African countries. Diutocoinnews previously published about the Kenya Task Force Recommendation For Kenya To Have Its Own Cryptocurrency.

However, Ghana is not the affected country that will have to stop using the exchange. Bittrex International will also be halting operations on a total of 30 other countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Venezuela, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Yemen. 

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