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Bittrex International To Shut Down Operation On October 29 Launching Bittrex Global.

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Bittrex International sent out emails yesterday to its loyal customers notifying them of its migration to Bittrex Global after shutting down operations in some African countries.

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According to the email sent to one of its users in Nigeria. The exchange will be closing down its Malta platform dubbed Bittrex International. This it said, is to enable the platform migrate to its new platform Bittrex Global.

The new platform will be launched on the closure of Bittrex International on Oct 29. It is a new exchange partner registered in Europe and headquartered in Liechtenstein. It will be utilizing the trusted Bittrex technology platform.

All eligible customers of Bittrex International will only have to accept the new Terms And Conditions of the new trading platform to be able to access it. Users of Bittrex International will be served the new platform Terms And Conditions starting October 21.

All access to Bittrex International will be restricted after October 29 and subsequently shuts down on October 30. Users of Bittrex International will be redirected to new platform on visiting Bittrex International before Oct 29.

Bittrex Global will be launching a new customer support website. Visit Bittrex International for additional details.


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