Blockchain Version of Netflix Squid Game Set To Launch.

Blockchain Version of Netflix Squid Game Set To Launch.
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    Netflix’s South Korean TV series “Squid Game”, which was released last month, is becoming viral all over the world, ranking first in the broadcast charts of more than 90 countries around the world. Roblox, the NYSE-listed game creation platform, also joined the party with a great volume of Squid-game-themed applications built on it, having attracted more than 20,000 players.

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    Squid Game Online, a series survival simulation game empowered by blockchain technology, is launching its first game to global users. Players are allowed to participate and earn as players or game observer in the game. Squid Game Online prides itself in realizing the high profits in the original TV series for players, with great improvements comparing to Roblox Squid Game. Squid GameOnline fully restores all the games in the original TV series, including its strict elimination rules and huge bonus.

    Squid Game Online includes all six games of the TV series, namely Red Light Green Light, Dalgona Candy, Tug-of-war, Marbles, Glass bridge, and Squid game.

    Red Light, Green Light will be played every 5 minutes, and players need to buy tickets (1USDT) at the game lobby first. To start the game, players must reach the finish line without being detected moving, and those who are caught moving will be eliminated immediately. All players who arrive at the finish line before the game ends will gain responding scores and be ranked on the Ladder leader board. In the initial stage, game game tickets will be airdropped to early participants. These airdropped tickets will be included in the prize pool and distributed to the winners.

    In the single level mode, all participants can get bonus, which are distributed daily.

    In the ladder mode, the winners get points according to the rankings. In the first season, they are rewarded according to the daily, weekly, and monthly ladder rankings. TOP 50 on the daily list, TOP 200 on the weekly list and TOP 500 on the monthly list can get corresponding rewards. The bonus is the total income from the tickets paid for participating in the game.

    In addition to the game “red light green light”, we will launch the remaining games — Dalgona Candy, Tug-of-war, Marbles, Glass bridge, Squid game, and open tournament mode around Christmas. This game mode requires 456 players to participate(the same as the drama).The 456 players need to pass through multiple levels of survival competition continuously. The loser of each level will be eliminated directly, and the winner will advance to the next level.

    The final winner will get a huge bonus. Participants in this tournament are composed of historical advanced players and paying players. Paying players will need to bid for the tickets through the high bid mode. Each tournament offers great awards which will be awarded to the final winner. If all players are eliminated, the bonus will be accumulated to the next time. The winner will receive the prize after a 10% conversion fee deducted.

    The game has now entered the internal testing stage and will be launched at the end of October, and the VR version will be available in December. Please stay tuned.

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