Bitcoin News in Nigeria


Crystal Blockchain Analytics Report Suggests that the Bitcoin Activity on Dark Web Increased by 65% in Q1 2020.

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A new report from Crystal Blockchain Analytics suggests that the value of Bitcoin transferred through the dark web increased in Q1 2020.

WoToken: Another “Record-Breaking” Chinese Crypto Ponzi Scheme has Emerged

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Recent reports suggests that WoToken, another “Record-Breaking” Chinese-based crypto ponzi scheme similar to PlusToken crypto ponzi scheme has emerged

A Security Researcher Discovers 22 Crypto-Stealing Google Chrome Extensions.

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A security researcher discovered another 22 Google Chrome web browser extensions trying to steal users’ cryptocurrencies.

Ponzi Schemes: Cryptocurrency Wallet Users Increase in Nigeria Following the Increase in Pyramid Schemes Like Million Money Investment.

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Results show that a good number of Nigerians opened new Cryptocurrency Wallets in other to invest in ponzi schemes and other money doubling schemes. 

Uganda Legislators to Clamp Down on Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Schemes Especially that of Crypto Scams in Uganda.

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Uganda legislators is out to clamp down on ponzi schemes in the country following too many crypto scams recorded in the past, including dunamiscoin scam and other crypto scams. The uganda legistors said this after the State Minister of Finance,…

Nigeria Should be Prepared to Fight New Styles of Cyber Attacks in 2020 Says CSEAN After Nigeria had 167 Cyber Criminals Out of the 281 Global Cyber Criminals Arrested in 2019.

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Cyber Attacks From Cyber Criminals The recent development and innovations due to the effect of emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things IoT, Cloud Technology, and Smart Phones has opened new vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit. A total number…


A Joint Declaration On Crypto Scam and Ponzi Scheme in East Africa.

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Just in, the blockchain and cryptocurrency associations from East Africa puts out a joint statement on Cryptocurrencies and Ponzi Scheme in the region.  The reason for the collaborative effort from East Africa is because of the increase in the number…

Central Bank of Nigeria Introduces Panic Alert to Fight Cyber Attacks in the Digital Space.

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There is an increase in crypto scam and other cyber crimes in Nigeria. Lose of funds through cyber attacks and cryptocurrency platforms steadily grow, leading to the introduction of Panic Alert.  After the introduction of Siban Scam Alert by Siban…

The Johannesburg City Hackers Demand A Ransom Of Four Bitcoins Worth 10.8 Million Naira.

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The Johannesburg City hackers of Johannesburg City website hack on 24th October was attached to a group of hackers who identified themselves as “Shadow Kill Hackers”.  The Johannesburg city website was hacked on Thursday 24 October which saw the lost…

Satowallet Hack: A Nigerian Cryptocurrency Service Provider Satowallet Losses User Funds To Hosting Provider.

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Satowallet Hack: Exchange Platform claims Satowallet Hack not from the failure of its platform but of the hosting provider. The Satowallet is a Nigerian owned cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provide based in Dubai affairms loss of user funds. Most of…