Bitcoin News in Nigeria


Kwame Asante from Ghana Pioneers the First Crypto Space Drop in Metal(MTL) Cryptocurrency in Ghana Using Personal Developed Antenna.

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Views: 1 Ghana pioneers the first crypto space drop in Africa. Kwame Asante is the recipient of the crypto space drop otherwise known as crypto airdrop in Metal (MTL) cryptocurrency.  Kwame Asante built an antenna that aids the retrieval of…

Bitsika, the Naira(abcd) Stablecoin Pioneer in Nigeria Records $1million Transaction few months After Launch.

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Views: 27 Bitsika, the Naira (ABCD) stablecoin pioneer in Nigeria records $1 million in transaction. This was few weeks after the launch of it’s mobile app, Bitsika on both android and ios. This includes both deposits, withdraws and money transfers…

Federal Government of Nigeria Reacts to the Change of CFA Currency to Eco Currency Proposed by ECOWAS

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Views: 5 The Federal Government of Nigeria through it’s Ministry of Finance, Budget and Planing issued a Press Release saying that the government is studying the situation and will respond in due course.  The release letter reads: “Nigeria has received…

What is the Difference Between Public Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Explained.

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Views: 16 Many at times, we are confused with this terms blockchain or public blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The bull market of both markets saw a big publicity during the bitcoin bubble of 2017. Both terms are similar and…

FIRS Nigeria Strengthens the Electronic Tax Service to Ease the Speed of Tax Administration in the Digital Space.

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Views: 4 The Federal Inland Revenue Services, FIRS Nigeria had deployed a new electronic tax service (e-services) to automatically process tax payments in Nigeria.  The new electronic tax service will ensure transparency in the tax administration for both tax payers…

A New Report Shows that Getting Blockchain Tutorials For Blockchain Skills Can Earn You an Extra Paycheck as an IT Pro.

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Views: 0 Earning extra paycheck for tech professionals with non-certified skills has increased, nearing a 19-year high, adding an average of 9.4% to their salary. This is one of the benefits of going for blockchain tutorials.  We have a few…