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An Overview of Pulse Prediction Market

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Pulse Markets is an open source prediction market platform built by the Pulse community DAO.  Pulse Markets is built on NEAR Protocol and requires a NEAR wallet. If you do not have a NEAR wallet, create one here : wallet.near.org…

A review on Augur Prediction: Prediction Market

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Today, We’ll break down Decentralised Prediction Markets in layman’s terms.  We will look at what prediction markets are and how they work, and why are they important?. Furthermore, we will give you a beginner guide/review to Augur.  What is Prediction…

How to Use Polymarket Platform to Earn Rewards Predicting the Market 

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How to use Polymarket platform for Punters to earn rewards in crypto predicting the market on blockchain using cryptocurrencies. In today’s post, we talk about the information market and a platform known as polymarket, where you can make money by just…