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Jack Dorsey Sets Up New Decentralized Social Platform, Bluesky, To Rival Sold Twitter.

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Bluesky, the new decentralized social network platform built by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, has already received 1000,000 signups over the past 48 hours – and that’s just for its waitlist. The company opened its waitlist on Tuesday and said in…

How to Send, Receive or Withdraw Sweatcoin on Sweatcoin Wallet and Trade On Exchanges

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Send Sweatcoin, a new token for the move-to-earn economy. Sweatcoin is a free app which rewards your daily steps with a new generation digital currency. You can spend on cool products, donate to charity or convert it into SWEAT. You…

Create Videos, Upload and Earn FVT on the FavorTube SocialFi Platform.

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FavorTube SocialFi is a fully decentralised create-to-earn video content creation platform for vloggers on the web3 created by FavorLabs. What is FavorTube: FavorTube is the first fully decentralized Web 3 platform that connects content creators, fans and users directly. Subscribers…

Top 5 SocialFi projects to earn as a creator in 2022

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The combination of social networking with blockchain finance is referred to as SocialFi. Users can earn money by creating content, participating in DAO governance, minting NFTs, interacting with other users, watching entertainment, and gaming in the SocialFi area. Unlike the…

Solcial, A Web 3 Decentralized Social Media Platform Built On Solana Blockchain.

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The Solana ecosystem is getting a social network. Solcial has raised $2.9 million to expand in a round led by Alameda Research with Solana Foundation, Rarestone Capital, GBV, Shift Capital and Noia Capital participating. According to CoinDesk, around 5% of Solcial’s…

Mask Network: Web3 Social Media (SocialFi) Tool For Connecting Web2 Social Media Users Into Web 3.0

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Mask Network brings web3 privacy and decentralized benefits to the web2 social media (socialfi) platform making it easier for web2 platforms to switch to web3 features and integrate decentralised features. Mask Network a socialfi tool started with integrating into Twitter…

Create Posts, Complete Tasks, Verify Account to Earn XTM Rewards on Torum SocialFi Platform

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Torum SocialFi platform is a Web 3.0 social media platform where users can create posts and make threads on different topics.  Torum SocialFi platform allows verified users to create posts on the platform and complete daily, weekly and monthly missions…

StepN A Web 3.0 Move-To-Earn With SocialFi/GameFi Elements on Solana Blockchain.

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StepN: The Overview STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements. STEPN is built around an essential daily activity for most people – moving around. The first project to effectively bring to life a functioning move&earn…

Peepeth SocialFi, A Web 3.0 Twitter Like DApp Where You Can Share Opinions Stored as NFT.

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Peepeth is a SocialFi decentralized alternative to Twitter; a decentralised forum. It’s unstoppable and uncensorable because Peepeth runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Rethinking social media; Peepeth is a social network (socialfi – Social Finance) for those who value mindful, responsible engagement:…