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Cross-Chain Games Making Metaverse A Reality.

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Blockchains are solving specific problems and needs as new use cases are discovered. While several of them have successfully provided solutions to the problems they set out to solve, multiple solutions have enhanced the number of isolated chains.

This is a problem because data stored on a blockchain is bound to the chain or chains that they were built on.

In practice, this simply means that users can’t even exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for Ethereum (ETH) without using a centralised exchange. In like manner, It is impossible to send a token USDT from an Ethereum blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain (BNB), although both support the token.

Hence, based on the way the current blockchain space exists, no one can take advantage of the entire benefits of the technology unless users decide to participate on multiple chains.

For blockchain technology, this implies that the call for cross-chain technologies has increased in response to the call that centres around lessening the fragmentation of NFT outlets and marketplaces. 

However, in the game world, they may commence proper interoperability where an NFT can be traded with anyone not minding the blockchain they use.

The game Evolution Land provides a potential solution to NFT interactions being a DeFi and NFT cross-chain game leveraged by Darwinia Network. Quoting the Evolution Land team “, the multi-chain Web 3.0 world hasn’t come yet, but Evolution Land has created one in the metaverse.”

The game can be defined as a cross-chain, career game and virtual stimulation. It supports 26 Continents but only 5 Continents exist for now which includes Ethereum, known as Atlantis Continent and Tron (TRX).

The game is a sneak peek at what the metaverse can eventually be with more agreement from several technology developers.

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