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Crypto Exchange 101: Decentralized Exchanges.

OK. Hello welcome. First of all. A note of gratitude to those who registered with us and others already with us on our telegram channel, group and whatsapp group. A big thank you. From our Last Tutorial we stopped at different exchanges in Cryptocurrency Trading.

So let’s talk about exchanges. First is the Turtlenetwork DEX (Decentralized Exchange) . Let’s see how to open a Turtle DEX. First of all you go to the Online Wallet or Download the Android App. Then after that you go to Turtlenetwork Online Wallet.

Step 1: Click On New Account

Step 2:

Proceed and fill in your new account name and then the password. Strong password is advised. Only use alphanumeric with strings(@$*/) to make a strong password. Once you are done with these. Click Register and you are done!

Step 3:

The User Interface shows up. You are done! You can browse through the wallet harbouring the inbuilt DEX to see its features.

Follow the instructions to deposit and withdraw. That’s it. So easy right? Let’s flow.


Step 1: Click on Creat Account from Waves Official DEX Site. Waves Client.

Press Continue and Head Over to Step 2.


Input your Account Name And Password. Account password should be alphanumeric and withdraw strings (@$*/) to make a strong password.

After this we get to Step 3.

Step 3:

Put down your back up phrase. Make sure you don’t lose it. Put it down and store offline. If you lose your back up phrase. You have lost everything. It can be used to recover your password should in case you lose your password.

After storing your back up phrase offline, we will be required to put them in the system to confirm that we have it offline. After that we are done! Now we will move to the next step. Which will display the user interface. At this stage we are all set up. We can start trading.

Thank You For Participating in this Tutorial. Next Tutorial will be Centralized Exchanges. After that we get to trading the things needed to start trading. You can use the navigation button to switch over to deposit into your account and start trading. You can also use the navigation button to withdraw and set your account up.

Thanks You! Happy Read. Spread the knowledge by sharing to others! ?

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