Peter Obi Hints on How He Missed Investing in the Crypto Friendly Video Conferencing App, Zoom.

Peter Obi Hints on How He Missed Investing in the Crypto Friendly Video Conferencing App, Zoom.
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    Last updated on August 23rd, 2020 at 02:40 pm

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    Nigerian Politician, Peter Obi has revealed how he lost out on an opportunity to invest in the popular video conferencing and online chat app, Zoom.

    He disclosed this at a webinar which held on Saturday.

    The popular economist and politician said the investment was less than 30 cents, an opportunity he should have seized with both hands at that time in 2015.

    He said, “I was telling someone a few days ago how in 2015 I met people where I have gone to do a program in the US and they came out and told me about the Zoom business that just started. As of that time, it would cost you less than 30 cents to invest in Zoom if I wanted to do so”.

    He regreted not paying attention to them at this time noting how he would have given it a second thought before jumping over the idea. 

    “This is because they were telling me about a business proposal and I said this will never happen where we would be in our houses and be doing meetings- it would take some time. Here I am now, being in the house for four months only to do meetings through the same thing”.

    He recalled how they later got funding from their government to finance the project, “Eventually one of them came to me and said they have been able to get funding from the government and from the bank.”

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    Crypto Friendly Zoom App

    Zoom is a popular video conferencing application available on desktop and mobile. Free account users on Zoom can use the 2key Network’s SmartSessions, a cryptocurrency paywall that allows users to collect payments for paid conference.

    SmartSessions crypto paywall is integrated directly through Zoom’s API and is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain as a layer-two solution.

    Any video conferencing host using zoom can connect with SmartSessions and collect payments in cryptocurrency without any coding skills.

    “Today’s jobs are global. You can be in Nigeria and work for a firm in London, Doctors do examinations on zoom, making them global workers who must do things differently. Politicians have to do things differently to have a better country”.

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