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CryptoCurrency Academy launches first Master Class, ‘The Next Leap’

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain classes now offered on CryptoCurrency Academy

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‘The Next Leap’ Master Class series is the first of its kind providing learners with cutting edge cryptocurrency topics with the added interaction with founders and teachers in the space. It will take place on Zoom every Saturday 2 PM to 5 PM UTC from July 17th culminating in September. 

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“We decided to bring, ‘The Next Leap’ that provides everyone with a nice avenue to understand what cryptocurrencies are and to interact with existing founders from different institutes because we believe that Africa is well known for leaping into technology. The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is definitely the next leap. Get started today and be the change you seek!” Brian Adams, CEO of CryptoCurrency Academy. 

CryptoCurrency Academy provides an educational platform for learners, mentors, and companies to educate people, groups or companies about the ever-evolving world of digital currencies and technology. The most vital information will help learners help others succeed in the world of crypto and blockchain. 

“I’m very excited to see many African people and businesses willing to transition into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, especially in the light of Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), remittances, cryptocurrency trading or even crypto investments. This is actually quite fascinating and it’s amazing for us to see people taking up classes or interested in learning what cryptocurrency is all about. This way, we believe it gives businesses, individuals, learners and investors a smooth transition into this world without all the loopholes that cryptocurrencies have. This is what excites us. We want to help Africans move into the next leap smoothly without the challenges and look forward to more participation than all our other Master Class Series’.” said Adams.

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About CryptoCurrency Academy

Established in 2016 as a WhatsApp group and evolved to becoming an online educational platform, CryptoCurrency Academy is an online digital trends learning marketplace that is fostering blockchain and cryptocurrency education globally. For more information, visit us at:

Website: https://cryptocurrencyacademy.info/ 

Twitter: @CryptoAcademy
Facebook: CryptoCAcademy
Telegram: CryptoCurrencyAcademia


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