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Month: March 2019


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Overview : Lumeos App is a social network app built on top of EOS. Lumeos focuses on securing users privacy and secure monetization of personal information. This is achieved using patent-pending encryption algorithms. Users can share their personal data with…

Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb Got Hacked.

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Bithumb one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea reportedly gets hacked according to a report from Bithumb. An usual withdrawal activity was detected by Bithumb at exactly 10:15pm on March 29 2019. During which an EOS account name—ifguz3chmamg had…

Jifem Releases New Track!

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Jifem the uprising star from the Eastern part of the country recently released a cover. The track was initially released by Dr Did under Marvins Record with the name — We Up. Jifem took the mic a gave it a…

18 Year Old Japanese Hacker Arrested For $134,000 Theft.

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An 18 years old Japanese boy was arrested yesterday by Japan Police for allegedly stealing cryptocurrency monacoin worth $134,000 reports Japan times. The boy is from the city of Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture. Name undisclosed because he is a minor. The…

Former Mt.Gox CEO Karpeles Found Guilty Of Tampering With Records.

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Karpeles the former CEO of Mt.Gox Exchange was found guilty of manipulating the financial records of the Mt. Gox exchange. But served with a suspended jail term reports Bloomberg. Tokyo District Court notes that Karpeles was found guilty of tampering…

Bittrex Recently Calls Off It’s Historic RAID Initial Exchange Offering.

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One of the top world’s cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, recently cancelled Raid Public Sales. Tagged Raid Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Bittrex called off the history public sales scheduled to hold on 15th March 2019 few mins ago. Bittrex took to its…

Ruling Party Of Russia Federation, United Russia To Use Blockchain Technology For Elections.

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The ruling party of the Russian Federation. The United Russia Party has reportedly updated their website with e-voting functionality for the party’s election primaries. The United Russia party will be using the e-voting functionality integrated with Blockchain Technology to foster…