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Month: July 2019

Brave Browser Launches Brave Ads On Android App Rewarding Users With BAT.

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Privacy-protection Brave Ads now launched on Brave Android browser, rewarding users with BAT. Barely two months after launching the first advertising platform built on privacy for its desktop users. Brave equally launched same on its Android App making it the…

Cybercrime: A Threat To The Society.

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Cybercrime is an emerging serious threat to our society today. Worldwide governments, police departments and intelligence units have started to react. This is so because crime is the direct opposite of development. It leaves a negative social and economic consequence….

Things You Must Know About Libra Cryptocurrency. The Facebook New Cryptocurrency.

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Libra Cryptocurrency dubbed Facebook cryptocurrency is set to launch mid 2020 after the whitepaper was released in June 2019. Many financial institutions has taken a negative stance towards Libra development. Some notable financial institutions around the world has spoken on…

Why Bitcoin As A Ransom

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      Lately, the global interest in bitcoins has grown. So, it becomes extremely important to understand the basics of bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Bitcoin, and its alternatives are all based on cryptographic algorithms which are encrypted. This makes the currency…