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Month: March 2021

OKEx Nigeria Exclusive Crypto Summit

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Crypto-related businesses need a top cryptocurrency exchange to thrive, a cryptocurrency exchange where trading is as seamless as it can be, where liquidity is not an issue, where there is the ease of usage. OKEx, a world-leading one-stop cryptocurrency exchange,…

Binance Backed Xend (DeFi) And Binance Smart Chain-Built Company Launches Out of Africa

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Backed By Binance And Google Launchpad, Xend Finance Is The World’s First DeFi Credit Union and Cooperative Platform Targeting Users In Underserved Regions MARCH 22, 2021, Enugu, Nigeria — Xend Finance, the first decentralized finance (DeFi) platform for credit unions…

Art to Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) Online Conference

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Cryptocurrency Academy (CCA) in collaboration with DiutoCoinNews is organising an online only conference to explain NFTs and its benefits to artists and other interested enthusiasts.  Non-fungible Tokens NFTs are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database…

The Government of India Stresses More on Crypto Ban

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The government of India has been uncertain about how to identify with the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies around the world when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The Indian government has since 2018, been skeptical about deciding to ban cryptocurrency…

Crypto is Currently the Top Trending Topic on Twitter Nigeria With Over 239K Tweets

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Crypto is currently the number one trending topic in Nigeria with over 239k tweets. This current hot topic is tied with the misunderstanding between Femco and the public. The Feminist Coalition Group (Femco) explained that the group had an unconfirmed…

OKEx P2P Merchant Recruitment Goes Live, Apply and Earn Trading on OKEx P2P.

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Dear P2P merchants, OKEx wants you! OKEx is excited to announce the NGN P2P seller recruitment! This is an opportunity for merchants and traders on OKEx to earn more by participating in the NGN P2P trading from 10th March to…

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Intends to Convert His NFT Proceeds to Bitcoin and Donate the Sale to Charity

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed that his NFT sale will be given to charity. He disclosed on Twitter on Tuesday 10th march. On the 6th of March, @Jack offered to sell the first-ever published tweet as a non-fungible token…