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Month: November 2021

Enugu Based Forex Investment Scheme Operator Absconds With Investors Billions.

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A young businessman based in Enugu State, Mr Agbo Paul Onyebuchi Divine, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of De Ecstasy Agro and Farming Services, has ran away with money invested in his company by members of the…

NFT Is Collins Dictionary Word Of The Year 2021, Beating Crypto.

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The abbreviation of non-fungible token has seen a speedy rise in usage over the last year, said Collins, it upped 11,000% in the last year. Any digital creation can become an NFT, with the term referring to a certificate of ownership, registered…

Coinbase Buys BRD Crypto Wallet Sending The Firm Token To Over 800% Price Increase.

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Crypto wallet fintech startup BRD has been acquired by Coinbase, according to a BRD blog post Wednesday (Nov. 24),this the co-founders Adam Traidman and Aaron Voisine say will accelerate the company’s decentralization goals. The post notes that nothing will change in the…

Crypto Traders, Beware Of Flubot !

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Investigattions by the rapid response team of Sophos, a cyber security firm, has revealed that most of the cryptocurrency investors are becoming targets for ransomware through face app login screens. The study mentions Flubot, a mobile malware family that wreaked…

Social Payment Company Kurepay Restricts Operations In Nigeria

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Since the ban on cryptocurrency transactions by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the strict regulation sent to the banking and monetary sector in February 2021, various financial firms like Kurepay has restricted their operations in Nigeria. Tech firms…

A Virtual Plot Of Land Sold For $2.4 Million In MANA Decentraland Metaverse, As The Token Surge To 500% Price in November.

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A piece of virtual real estate in the online world Decentraland sold for a record $2.4 million worth of cryptocurrency, the buyer crypto investor Tokens.com (COIN.NLB) and Decentraland said on Tuesday. Decentraland is an online environment – also called a…

ÉChoke Token, A Davido Crypto Patnership Debuts.

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The Bitsika, a Pan African money remittance fintech organisation is collaborating with Nigeria Global Afro pop star Davido to establish it’s native crypto token called Echoke, named after the trending social media slang made popular by Davido. The token will…

Elon Musk and Binance CEO In War of Words Over Doge Coin.

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Elon Musk CEO Telsa and self professed Doge coin holder accused Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao of shady activities over restricted withdrawal of Doge coin on Binance app in a tweet call-out. The call out was made in a response to…

The Central Bank Of Peru To Develop Its CBDC

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The Central Reserve Bank of Peru, the apex bank in Peru, is intending to create a central bank digital currency (CBDC) like that of other countries of the world. The statement was made by its President, Julio Velarde, who said…

These Metaverse Tokens Can Set You Up For Life.

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You know that feeling when you discovered huge money stached and forgotten somewhere in your abode, and discovered right when you’re broke? Or something more than that is the joy that comes from growing gains of these trending metaverse tokens….