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Month: December 2021

How To Block Hackers From Accessing Your Bank Account In The Case of A Stolen Or Lost Phone.

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In case you find yourself in hands of hackers, 419, Yahoo Boys or you lost your phones, exposing your account to hackers, there is now a solution on how to stop debit transactions on your account by yourself. Make sure…

Watch Out: Buying These Cryptos May Make You A Millionaire in 2022.

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Crypto 2021 market witnessed various range of upward to downward price volatility. Some novice investors and even seasoned trades may be at crossroads as to what crypto to buy in 2022 and the right time to buy to ensure profitable…

Near Protocol Nigeria Partners With DiutoCoinNews Media to Drive Near Blockchain Adoption in Nigeria

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Near Protocol, Nigeria (NPKGuild)  has joined forces with DiutoCoinNews Media to drive the adoption of Near Protocol Blockchain across Nigeria and Africa. Both parties reached an agreement to work together to grow the adoption of the Near Protocol blockchain adoption…

Zambia Currency Kwacha Appreciates 27% Against Dollars In 2021, Rated Most Improved African Currency 2021.

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Zambia’s currency Kwacha recorded a global record in international transaction performance owing to investors confidence on the new government’s chances of securing a bailout deal with the International Monetary Fund and negotiating a debt restructuring and global demand for the…

Fraudulent Crypto Transactions Were Lowest In Africa in 2021.

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An analyst at Quantum Economics Olumide Adesina said that the global rise of illicit transactions in crypto, were less in Africa, less than 10 per cent of the transactions were illegal, noting that Africa was the continent with the least…

Ethereum Gas Fees Worries ? Here Is A New Airdrop For ETH Gas

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The Gas DAO, crypto project, emerged Wednesday with another airdrop to reward crypto investors whose accumulative ethereum gas fees is more than $1,559 on Ethereum gas fees before December 26, 2021.  Gas DAO is a new project aspiring to give Ethereum’s most…

Central Bank Approves Crypto Platform.

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Binance, the global cryptocurrency exchange announced that it has “received in-principle approval from the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) to establish itself as a crypto-asset service provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain.” Receiving in-principle approval means that Binance still needs…

Get Ready For 2022! Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2022 Revealed.

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Careers in programming came tops with the greatest number of job listing on LinkedIn across the globe, CodingNomads has awarded the top spot for programming languages to Python. Following in second place position is Java, with JavaScript, C++, C#, C,…

Dogecoin Is Working With Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin On Community Staking.

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Recently, Dogecoin Foundation’s official Twitter account tweeted about the digital currency network’s “Trailmap,” a set of initiatives that essentially detail the proposed direction of the Dogecoin blockchain and ecosystem. The Dogecoin Foundation says that a traditional crypto “roadmap” is a rigid summary…

Nigeria Internet Speed Set To Increase By 500% : Google.

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Google said that it’s $1 billion investment in Africa will also boost the internet speed in Nigeria by 500% through the laying of Equaino Sea cable, this the Google Sub Saharan Africa head noted will ensure affordability and access. The…