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Don Jazzy Makes $300k in Ten Minutes NFT Sale.

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African leading music producer, Don Jazzy has revealed that he has been using the crypto industry NFT (Non Fungible Token) to monetise his works, the latest sales he noted fetched him $300,000 in a space of ten minutes. The revelation was made during his interview with DABA as Business Leader of the week.

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In the interview, Don Jazzy narrated how his journey into the world of digital financing started with Forex trading before he eventually ventured into crypto and then NFT.

” Is started following Bitcoin when it was $8000, around March 2020.” He narrated how the flash crash of March 2020 pricked his interest. He revealed that he purchase his first Bitcoin at $8000.

On NFT, Don Jazzy told the interviewer that the popular crypto artist, Osinachi introduced him to the world of NFT. The duo came up with the DonJazzy X Osinachi collection of three NFT drops that sold out on niftygateway NFT market place. The NFT was a combination of three drawings from Osinachi accompanied by beats from DonJazzy. This first attempt he noted fetched him $300,000 within ten minutes of release.

The music producer also revealed that he has gone further to mint great NFT pieces noting that his recent collaboration Afrodiods with crypto artist, Owo Anietie was a success.

The first successfully collaborating sealed DonJazzy interest, going further to become an NFT creator, minting, selling and also buying as an investment to flip when the price appreciates.

Gari V a popular NFT entrepreneur and influencer, the music meastro revelead is his inspiration when it comes to deciding what NFT to acquire.

DonJazzy also noted that he now tokenized his artists music releases and so far, the results has been huge and encouraging.


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