Diuto Platform a Blockchain Fintech Platform based in Nigeria has announced the private sales of her first product. Dutademy.Com.

Diuto Platform is a Blockchain Fintech Platform aimed at solving different life issues utilizing the Blockchain Technology. A Nigeria based Fintech Platform. The platform went live in Nov 2018.

Diuto.Com has her token based asset on TURTLENETWORK. A Fixed total supply of 20 Million Diuto Token. Diuto has a node on Turtlenetwork operating as Diuto Token Node. Diuto Token Node pays Bi-weekly a total of 80% of leased $TN to her leasors.

Dutademy.com is an academic platform. The platform is aimed at offering students opportunities and exposure to enable them be gainfully employed after their tertiary education. According to Diuto.com

Our target is the Nigeria Universities. We intend to make this a home platform where our users will be able to sell any e-book they intend on offering for sales. They equally gets exposure through our marketing and other possible incentives and publicity they need to grow and earn.

Dutademy is an E-book Bank inother words Knowledge Bank where all EBOOKS are stored for public access. Currently there are three tiers of users ;

Free Membership


Shop Vendors (Sellers)

Free Membership Status can access site and download free available EBOOKS while

Contributors can upload his or her EBOOKS and make them available for sale. Contributors are required to activate account by sending transaction to account address with alias:diutoacademy with registered email address for account activation. Equally a fee charge of 20 DUT OR ₦500 is required to be able to earn cash backs worth ₦5000 monthly. Check Whitepaper for other details.

Shop Vendors are equally required to activate account by sending 1 DUT transaction to official Turtlenetwork address as was done by contributors in other to activate account. A staked amount of 100 Diuto Token is required to be seating in the users registered Turtlenetwork Address to be able to place sell orders for his or her EBOOKS. All EBOOKS will be uploaded and all sales made will be paid out monthly. Equally qualified to earn cash books.

All utilizing the token as the platform’s base currency, Diuto Token will be equally used to offer other products emerging from the platform in future.

Private Sales is live at Diuto.com with a total of 1 MLN Token for private sales. All participants buying 100 DUT and above will be qualified for airdrop of 150,000 DUT. After Private Sales comes the Public Sales with Token price tagged at $0.05 DUT. Official Launch Comes 2nd March.


Website : Diuto.com

Token Sales Page : Private Token Sales

Telegram Group : Diuto Platform

Twitter : @realdiuto

Whitepaper : Download

Technical Paper : Download