Former NBA star, Kobe Bryant To Be Immortalized With NFT Collectibles

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Late NBA star, Kobe Bryant is set to be immortalized with a new set of digital collectables. According to reports, KB24, a website formerly owned by the basketball star, is planning to release a set of charitable NFTs in honour of Kobe Bryant. The NFTs will be auctioned to collectors around the world.

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While divulging details about the NFT auction, the new owners of the KB24 website, Andy Treys and Sako Waves- also lifelong fans of Kobe- stated that there will be a 10-step roadmap for the Kobe-themed NFT collection. Indicating the anticipation for the NFT project, more than 7000 collectors joined the waitlist for the release after Andy and Sako revealed the roadmap. 

The collection will consist of 10,000 collectables all featuring special and fun moments including achievements that occurred during Bryant’s lifetime. As part of the project’s roadmap, KB24 will organize an airdrop for collectors with early access to the project, as well as other events such as an art reveal and several giveaways.  

The KB24 website was first created in 2006. At the time, Kobe Bryant used the platform to connect to his fans around the world. However, the website was acquired by several people since the star’s retirement before Andy and Sako became the new owners. To facilitate the upcoming NFT auction, the duo stated that they have recruited more members into the team. 

Andy and Sako also revealed that they acquired the website with a charity in mind. Thus, all the proceeds from the auction sale of 10,000 collectables will be donated to a charity organization named Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation. Based on estimates, KB24 is likely to pool about $50 million from the sale. The auction will be led by Popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea. 

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