Gaming Technology and Cryptocurrency Dualization 

Gaming Technology and Cryptocurrency Dualization 
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    Last updated on January 25th, 2021 at 10:03 pm

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    Gaming is one of the popularized hobbies today around the world. There are millions of gamers all over the world. Gaming goes way back to the 1950’s and it has been recorded on human history and games as being inextricably intertwined.

    An evidence resounding down through the ages that fun and games are not frivolous pursuits per se but they come naturally to us as essential parts of being alive. When you understand the evolution of games, you begin to enjoy the activity and the resounding happiness it gives.

    Action, strategy, War, Adventure and other genres of games get bigger in collection with each coming year. This is because playing games on your mobile device is much more convenient. You don’t need to come home and turn on your PC. You can just swipe out your phone and play anytime and anywhere and this is just one of the blessings of technological advancements.

    Bitcoin in its popularity has played  a major role in the financial world,the gaming industry has  made sure to pick up on these trends. That’s why several companies have incorporated cryptocurrencies when it comes to making  games and transactions within the gaming system. To popularize them developers have made several games that happened to be the first ones on the crypto gaming market.

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    Some of them are built on Blockchain technology, while others are focused mainly on bitcoin and a few others incorporate other cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, if you’re a mobile gamer you should give them a try. Here are some of the  games available in the collection you are likely to run into:


    If you’re a fan of CandyCrush then this game is right for you. Instead of candy, you will get various popular cryptocurrencies on the screen. Once you get the right ones they will  pop and allow you to get new ones in their place. This game also has daily challenges that let’s you earn various cryptocurrencies as rewards.

    Hash Rush

    This particular game is built on the Blockchain Draft and it is not like other blockchain originated games that offers a deep integration. Hash Rush is a PC client 3d real-time strategy build-and-battler game that rewards players using cryptocurrency. It offers the usual item ownership and marketplace options. The important feature, however, is you don’t need crypto in order to play it.

    As its name suggests, Hash Rush  does play with sector memes. For example, one part of the game is mining (and looting) Crypto Crystals.  These are used for your leaderboard ranking. The game also has its own ERC20 token, Rush Coin and a range of ERC721 character skins.

    Bitcoin Hero

    If you’re looking to become a Bitcoin trader then this is the game for you. Bitcoin Hero is a Bitcoin trading simulator. The game uses real prices of assets which means you’ll get proper training when it comes to trading.

    A virtual currency is used so you can buy and sell Bitcoin. In this game, you’ll learn the essential skills of a trader and they’ll make you an effective Bitcoin trader. Practice is a must before you join an exchange. Picking the right wallet is also an important step to gaining points.

    Neon District

    Initially conceived as a trading card game but since redesigned as an RPG, Neon District  is a blockchain game that looks to mix free-to-play turn-based battle gameplay using side chains with item ownership on Ethereum.

    An important element of this action game are the weapons, armor and other equipment that you collect and craft. As well as making your characters more powerful, they also change their look. Neon District uses the Loom Network to handle its gameplay, with item ownership and trading all happening on the main Ethereum mainnet. Developed in Unity, Neon District  will be released for PC/Mac and mobile devices in late 2021.

    Merge Cats

    This particular game is pretty fun to play. If you’re a cat lover then you’ll appreciate Merge Cats. Various types of cats will appear in this game and all you need to do is find their match.

    Another interesting thing about this game is that you can earn Bitcoin by doing daily tasks and challenges. So in addition to having fun, you can also earn some cryptocurrency.

    The best part is that the gaming  industry doesn’t have a halting point as companies make new games every year and new features and upgrades are made available every now and then. Naturally, more Crypto related games will appear in the future as the cryptocurrency gains popularity. With these games, mobile gamers will become crypto gamers as well and will form the new crypto gaming market.

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