Hamster Kombat (HMSTR): The Viral Telegram Mini App Crypto Game.

Hamster Kombat (HMSTR): The Viral Telegram Mini App Crypto Game.
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Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 08:19 am

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What is Hamster Kombat (HMSTR)?

Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) is an engaging Telegram-based mini app crypto game where players take on the role of a CEO running a virtual cryptocurrency exchange. The aim of the tap-to-earn game is to level up from being a humble “shaved hamster” to the prestigious “grandmaster CEO” of a tier-1 exchange by simply tapping on your screen to earn in-game currency known as Hamster Coins.

Who Created Hamster Kombat (HMSTR)?

The creators of Hamster Kombat is anonymous. The anonymous tap-to-earn game has gained a widespread attention, indicating a strong backing and community support. 

What VCs Back Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) Game?

There is an uknown details about Hamster Kombat’s venture capital backing. The game has formed partnerships with notable entities like Gotbit Hedge Fund and BingX. These partnerships has made the viral game to attain a certain credibility within the crypto space. 

How Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) Works

The Style of the Game

The gaming style is easy and rewarding. The players take on the role of a Hamster CEO of a virtual crypto exchange. They only need to tap nonstop on the screen to earn Hamster Coins. 

Each tap contributes to the player’s virtual exchange, which they can upgrade over time. These upgrades enhance coin-earning capabilities and unlock new features within the game.

There are daily tasks for players to engage in, such as participating in special missions and logging in on a daily to receive bonuses. The game also includes a referral program where inviting friends can boost earnings, fostering a community-driven approach to gameplay.

Also, Hamster Kombat hosts contests and limited-time events that offer big prizes and awards. These frequent tasks help players earn extra rewards beyond regular gameplay earnings. These events are geared towards engaging and boosting the community’s involvement.

Hamster Upcoming Airdrop 

Hamster Airdrop is the most sort out event in Hamster Kombat ecosystem, which is scheduled to happen in Q3 2024. This event will distribute real tokens based on players’ in-game levels and aim to reward active participants while further incentivizing engagement. 

The real-world rewards airdrop will reportedly be happening on the TON network. Players are encouraged to link their TON wallets within the game to participate fully in this potential airdrop. 

Here’s how to connect and play: 

● Linking Your TON Wallet: Players link their TON wallet to their Hamster Kombat account, ema requirement for withdrawing earnings.

● Airdrops and Token Conversion: During scheduled airdrops, Hamster Coins earned can be converted into tradable $HMSTR tokens.

● Using TON-Based Wallets: TON wallets like TonKeeper facilitate the withdrawal of tokens and management of user earnings.

Hamster Kombat’s Rise to Stardom

Hamster Kombat has witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity amongst other Telegram mini apps on the TON ecosystem. Just 11 days after debut, the game gained an impressive 1 million users. Then after its first month, Hamster Kombat attracted almost 4 million users. Extraordinarily 80 days post-launch, the game boasted a staggering 158 million active users.

At launch, the telegram announcement channel gained an active following of more than 39.3 million subscribers, while its X account attracted over 8.5 million followers. Hamster Kombat’s influence extends far beyond telegram amassing over 24.7 million subscribers on YouTube within the first month. 


The viral tap-to-earn game has not only redefined gaming dynamics but also set alarming milestones in user acquisition and community engagement within the crypto ecosystem in an unexpected short span.

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