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Infinito Wallet is set to announce free registration of EOS account. Infinito Wallet would be starting it’s free registration of EOS account from its multi-cryptocurrency wallet anytime soon.

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The Cryptocurrency Wallet Provider wishes to offer this promo to its telegram group members (about 1600 members) first before extending the promo to the public. The first of it was after EOS mainnet launch where up to 1500 free accounts were created. During the first campaign 1000 free EOS accounts were created and the second tier of the campaign will equally have 1000 EOS account created. After which the free EOS account creation from Inifitowallet ends.

Currently the wallet offers free eos wallet creation. By 13th of August, 2018 the EOS wallet import feature will be added. This second tier of the campaign runs from 7th of August to 9th of August.

To stay tuned about the time of the campaign launch.

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