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LAPLAP, a Social Platform of GameFi, on How It Could Revolutionise Gaming Again

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On January 15, some community members of Gamefi’s LAPLAP social platform were interviewed by Nigerian media outlet DiutoCoinNews.  

Laplap is a #PublishToEarn Web3 player ecosystem that leads players to discover good Gamefi projects. 

The core anonymous team of Laplap comes from Grab, Animoca Brands, FTX, Google, Tencent, Sequoia Capital, and other top global teams. They have been immersed in the crypto and Internet industry for many years and have a thorough understanding of Gamefi and DAO. They have successfully launched several popular NFT projects.  

“SociaFi and GameFi will be the main driving force in 2022,” Binance CEO CZ Wrote in a commentary in Fortune India on Jan. 11. 

“There are still a lot of disconnects between Gamefi vendors, guilds, and players, including differences in information, in-game assets, and interactions, which definitely limit the possibilities and sustainability of PLAY TO EARN and significantly slowed the development of the GameFi ecosystem,” said KAKI, a veteran Gamefi player and head of partnerships for LAPLAP Chinese Community. 

While large numbers of users remain focused on a few leading GameFi projects, many emerging GameFi projects can only gain short-term users on the premise of high returns. This unhealthy startup approach has greatly impacted the future growth of these projects, as they lack steady and consistent user growth. 

This zero-sum game will inevitably happen across GameFi, and LAPLAP is working to integrate GameFi and Social into a publish-to-earn approach that allows players to discover and participate first in good crypto games. 

LAPLAP wants to promote the building of a more closely connected new generation of player club ecology and reshape the game culture of the meta-universe era.  

The key is whether players can iterate on themselves and whether players can form strong relationships with each other that revolutionize gaming again.  

MBuboo, LAPLAP’s player relations consultant, said Laplap’s previous collaborations with Web3 community TheOne ConsenLion DAO (The13DAO), such as the LAPLAP New Year’s Party in Bangkok, Thailand, have greatly expanded LAPLAP’s global player development.  

It further creates a benign environment for player-to-player interaction.  MBuboo was previously the content director of Loopring — Ethereum (Layer 2) zkRollup Protocol and is currently a freelance writer for Forbes’ Chinese section. MBuboo is consulting on player relations for products of Gamefi such as LAPLAP. 

In addition, Simon Sun, European Marketing Director for LAPLAP, revealed that LAPLAP is considering working with global educational institutions to launch suitable free introductory Web3 courses for teenagers in Southeast Asia and Africa.  He believed this is far more nurturing than a game guild scholarship program.  

LAPLAP, as a social platform for Gamefi players in Southeast Asia, has much more in mind than just a few popular crypto games. The gaming industry will always be cyclical, but for regions like southeast Asia and Africa, GameFi means driving users from Web2 to Web3 era.  

LAPLAP will start by building Gamefi traffic and communities to drive a new generation of gaming culture through Pb2E and DAO.  

It’s worth noting that Simon Sun invited Ghozali, an Indonesian Opensea star, to live stream LAPLAP’s first product in Indonesia as a community manager on social media.  Simon Sun believes that there will be more representatives of Crypto idols in the future to promote the diversified development of Gamefi.  Simon Sun has published several articles on LAPLAP’s ideas and concepts. 

“LAPLAP’s social network will have much more adhesiveness of user than YGG’s,” Simon said in an interview. “With SubDAOs, the core LAPLAP player base will be able to participate in the whole process of launching a game and even upgrade the game mechanics, constantly discovering and developing new P2E methods.”  

Gamefi is no longer a place where the big guilds of the pyramid take the lion’s share of the revenue, and Web3 is no longer a place where the capital advantage will continue to exist as they did in Web2.  

The core of Gamefi is the decentralized player relationship, which is the mechanism innovation of player relationship in the game and the cooperative innovation of player relationship outside the game.  

Gamefi’s success does not depend on the guilds or even a group of players, but the growing number of players and the strong network of relationships they formed over their gaming experiences. 

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