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A Man Recovers 0.99 Bitcoin He Bought At $300 in 2013 Now Worth Over $9000.

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A Man recovers 0.99 bitcoin bought at $300 in 2013 now worth over $9000 according to twitter thread from Faith Titus.

According to Faith Titus, Co-Founder of Blockchain User Group Nigeria. He came to know about the Nigerian from Facebook—who only sees bitcoin as digital money..

She said the unknown friend was teased into buying bitcoin cryptocurrency by most of his friends in 2013. He joking bought 0.99 bitcoin at 300 USD to fulfill the wish of his friends.

“Yes and he didn’t know what he bought at that time and didn’t see a value in it. He just bought the bitcoin to please his guys disturbing him then.”

The man peacefully recovers his 0.99 bitcoin wallet keys in which the bitcoin was stored back then. After contacting his friends who helped him buy the bitcoin. 

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