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Mexican Medical Company Uses Blockchain Technology To Verify Covid-19 Test Results

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Mexico medical company (MDS) will start using blockchain technology for the verification of the originality of its coronavirus test results. This is to ensure that there is no fake information in the medical history and also to protect patients medical information.

According to a report from the local media news, the medical company has initiated a digital space to allow patients to access the test results that are uploaded.

The results can also be received physically for those who want it, and a QR scanning code feature is also added to help determine the authenticity of the results and also grant access to patients medical history and vaccination history on the blockchain.

The reason behind the shift to blockchain technology. The company revealed in an interview session while talking about the shortcomings of medical firms which have not been utterly successful in protecting medical data and the medical history of their patients.

MDS’s website states: “To avoid falsification of negative results, we began to certify the SAR-CoV-2 detection tests with blockchain technology and cryptographic signature, which protects the information in a unique, immutable, and unalterable QR code that can be verified worldwide”

The coronavirus test medical result will be uploaded into the blockchain with the cryptographic signature from the doctor who authenticates the result of the test. The uploaded twat results on the blockchain must include a cryptographic hash from the doctor to ensure the results are validated.

MDS is not the first entity to adopt blockchain in Mexico for cryptographic verification of the Covid-19 test results, Mexico’s National Chamber of Commerce(CARACO) has equally announced a government-backed initiative to make the vaccination papers digital. This they did in partnership with Certify a private blockchain technology firm in April.

The steady rise in the adoption of blockchain technology in the health sector will ensure that patient’s medical information is protected adequately.

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