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MBOX Momoverse Records Over 1,000,000 Residents On It’s Launch On Binance Market Place.

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The recently launched  MOBOX MOMOverse Phase One on the Binance ecosystem has recovered over a million residents. MOMOverse is the first metaverse to integrate with the Binance ecosystem, which is only accessible via the Binance app.

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With the registration phase of the MOMOverse open (30th November), users can register to experience free to play and play to earn on the go, with a suite of games expected to be launched soon on the MOMOverse

According to information issued by t platform, there will be a land of MOMOmania floats as an undiscovered universe that longs to be discovered and inhabited by Unique Avatars of their kind,
called MOMO-mians. Creating & sharing ideas and concepts will be key to the success in this alternative realm.

The Communication noted that the moverse, ” is a place where Unique MOMO-mians jump in, take control, complete daily quests all whilst making “Play-To-Earn” a reality.”

Are you ready to go on a journey in this action packed space to build, create and meet Unique friends too?

Residents MOBOX Avatar on the MOMOverse will act as a personal node of the MOBOXchain while residents companions in MOMOverse will be your MOMO’s.

The MOBOXChain is a unique NFT POS blockchain network that is controlled and governed by your in game assets. The NFTs that you collect will act as your node on the MOBOX blockchain network, which will provide users with near instant transactions. The MOBOX Chain will launch at a later date, however the MOBOX platform during that time will continue to run on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

Each MOMO that is minted on the blockchain has a unique hashpower at the time of the minting and according to the hashpower the MOMO’s will mine the MBOX Governance token. When you upgrade your MOMO’s ( Rare & above) you will upgrade their hashpower, with the hashpower upgrade
you in turn increase your overall hashpower for the node !


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