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MTNCoin Launch? MTN Group debunks claims of ownership to the MTNCoin document circulating over the internet.

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MTNCoin Launch? MTN Group debunks claims of ownership to the MTN cryptocurrency document circulating over the internet.

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Eureka Africa, according to MTN Group had submitted a proposal concerning using a digital currency for its services.

The document proposal contains details of the could be digital currency for the company. The cryptocurrency which according to the document could be created on Stellar Blockchain Network.

The Paper suggests that MTNCoin can:

Lead the disruption of Africa’s financial services industry to redefine financial inclusion.   

• Solidify and expand company’s position as Africa’s leading Communication Services Provider, by staying at the forefront of Digital Transformation.

• Capitalise on the Global Fintech revolution and lead the disruption of the traditional, financial and insurance sector in Africa. So as to protect current and create new revenue streams. 

• Establish the company as Africa’s dominant and universal Mobile Financial Services & Rewards Provider. In other to give access to affordable and awesome financial products to all Africans.

• Launch its own cryptocurrency as universal digital settlement currency for all financial use cases for all parties.

• Create a pan-african open platform and ecosystem; set the de-facto standards for trusted, direct, low-cost and instant financial transactions.

• Become the kingpin in Africa’s next-generation digital financial value system open for everybody.


It will be called a digital instrument according to the document making it regulatory compliant. It will use AI to manage risk and loan system. 

An open API readily available to encourage adoption via integration by businesses. The payment system will be widely used for various financial and data identity management systems.

Till date MTN Group is yet to launch any cryptocurrency or accept the Eureka Proposal.


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