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How the Crypto Social Payments Boom Will Achieve Financial Inclusion and Cryptocurrency Adoption in Nigeria 

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The era of social payments is coming to Nigeria. Financial inclusion in Nigeria has been a big issue and the federal government over the years have being gearing towards this for a better financial system in the country.

Republic Note Launching On Algorand

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Algorand came to play in the year 2019 providing users with a permissionless blockchain; a blockchain where one doesn’t undergo any form of permission before being a part of it, in other words, is open to the public.  Algorand being…

Algorand And Finance: What Algorand Encompasses and How It Can Be of Relevance to Financial Bodies.

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Algorand And Finance: What Algorand Encompasses and How It Can Be of Relevance to Financial Bodies.

The Future of Finance on Algorand

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The concept of money has evolved with time, from a system of trade by barter to the use of precious metals like gold and silver which were made into coins.  Now cryptocurrencies are taking over, they have been tagged the…

Bitcoin Bills: FG Nigeria Considers Bills, Providing Legislative Framework for Digital Cash, Bitcoin and E-Currency

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FG (Federal Government) Nigeria on Tuesday commented on the available Bills, providing Legislative Framework for Digital Cash, Bitcoin and E-Currency.

Dan Holdings Launches Coins App, a Crypto-Powered Social Payments Application for the Globalized World

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Coins App is a global social payments application for the Dan Holdings Blockchain Ecosystem, designed to integrate billions of people into the global world, by empowering them to move money freely across borders.

Binance Nigeria: Contest and Win 10,000 in “Don’t Leave Me” Video Contest 

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Just In, Binance Nigeria announces “Don’t Leave Me Challenge” to celebrate Binance’s 3rd anniversary.   Binance Nigeria will be giving out 10,000 each to the top 50 winners who will win the  “Don’t Leave Me” video contest.  Register to Attend Binance…

Peter Obi Hints on How He Missed Investing in the Crypto Friendly Video Conferencing App, Zoom.

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Nigerian Politician, Peter Obi, has revealed how he lost out on an opportunity to invest in the popular video conferencing and online chat app, Zoom.

How to Access the N75 billion Nigerian Youth Investment Fund

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You can now check and see full details on how to access the N75 Billion Nigerian Youth Investment Fund if you qualify.

Great Tips on How to Withdraw Naira From Binance When Flutterwave is Down.

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Many Nigerians have issues with how to withdraw Naira from Binance when the withdrawal limit set by flutterwave on Binance has been reached.