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PDP Chieftain, Dr Urmar Ardo Pays 15,000 USD Bitcoin Ransom To Her Daughter’s Kidnappers

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A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Umar Ardo, whose daughter, Aisha, was kidnapped on Saturday, said he paid $15,000 bitcoin ransom to secure Aisha release.

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Daily Trust reports that the PDP Chieftain Dr Ardo was contacted by one of the kidnappers on Sunday at about 9:56am.  They said his daughter would return to him safely if he cooperates with them.

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“I then said okay I will cooperate and negotiate with you on one condition; that is if you give me two promises. One, that you will not harm my daughter, by which I meant you won’t kill her. Secondly you will not molest my daughter by which I meant you won’t rape her”.

Furthermore, as was reported, he told the caller that if they can’t promise him those two condition then they should do whatever they want to her. 

“Dr I see you are a gentleman and I am also a gentleman. I give you these two promises; we will not touch your daughter”, replied the caller.

“I then asked what would you want me to do in order to get back my daughter? He said you are going to pay us $15,000. If you cooperate with us your daughter would return to you but if you don’t cooperate with us you will never see her again alive.”

According to the report the kidnappers called Ardo around 3pm saying they want him to make the payment by bitcoin . 

“I told them I don’t know how to do this bit payment but the caller insisted I must learn. I will text you our address through which you will go and make the payment; it is up to you to do that; don’t forget the life of your daughter is on the line”, replied the caller.

He later paid the ransom in bitcoin through the bitcoin wallet provided by the kidnappers. Dr Ardo later got her daughter safe after the kidnappers called him around 10pm to come and pick her at a drumstick around Gwarimpa.

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