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Peepeth SocialFi, A Web 3.0 Twitter Like DApp Where You Can Share Opinions Stored as NFT.

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Peepeth is a SocialFi decentralized alternative to Twitter; a decentralised forum. It’s unstoppable and uncensorable because Peepeth runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Rethinking social media; Peepeth is a social network (socialfi – Social Finance) for those who value mindful, responsible engagement:

  • Features encourage thoughtful content while discouraging reactive and hateful posts.
  • No ads. Peepeth is accountable to users, not advertisers.
  • Peepeth gives you control of your online legacy because data is saved to the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain data is open, decentralized, and immutable.

The platform was created in 2017 by full stack developer, Bevan Barton as a decentralised social network that, ” encourages mindful discourse and effective altruism” powered by Ethereum and IPFS.

Peepeth is a Web 3.0, SocialFi project built on Ethereum Blockchain.

Why Blockchain ?

Blockchain Puts You In Control.

On Peepeth, accounts and posts (“peeps”) are stored on the blockchain. That gives you exclusive control over your account and content. No intermediary is required for you to post or access data.

No edit or delete.

Peeps are publicly accessible, potentially forever. This creates accountability and gives your words more weight. The result is more considered peeps.

Peepeth’s open datastore is strongly censorship resistant because the blockchain is immutable. What gets written to the blockchain cannot be edited or removed. Note, however, that a SocialFi platform is moderated, and will not display content that violates the terms of use. See Can Peepeth be censored? below.


Is Peepeth “Twitter on the blockchain”?

Peepeth may look similar to existing services, but Peepeth is fundamentally different because of its use of the blockchain, its focus on encouraging positive contribution, and lack of reliance on ads.

  • Peepeth optimizes for thoughtfulness, self-awareness, and charity, not ad impressions.
  • Peepeth’s back-end is open and immutable. Peeps are forever; which encourages more thoughtful posts.
  • Peepeth doesn’t control your account or content (you do).


All data is openly stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can monitor the blockchain to see what is not displaying. Some users will be able to easily audit moderated content on itself as NFT

Spam resistant

Peepeth is spam-resistant because it costs money to write to the blockchain. Don’t worry— Peepeth foots the bill for you— but spammers lose their free-peeping privilege, making spamming a relatively expensive prospect.

Alternate apps

Anyone can start their own front-end interface that reads and writes Peepeth data (, because the blockchain protocol is open.

Monetize with tips

Accept tips in cryptocurrency (Peepeth charges a 10% fee).


Verify your identity by linking your other social media accounts through the blockchain. Twitter and GitHub currently supported; more coming soon. Peepeth charges a fee in cryptocurrency for verifications.

Other blockchain services

There are many other possibilities for blockchain-based services in the future. Peepeth can interact with other smart contracts (self-executing computer programs on the Ethereum blockchain) to provide decentralized services.

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