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Presearch Unlocks Search Reward Token PRE.

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Presearch Rewards Unlocked.

As gathered from PRESEARCH

The company has started to unlock PRE reward tokens for those who’ve accumulated 1,000 or more PRE through legitimate search activity.

Qualified participants will be notified through email and a notice on the site when they are qualified to redeem token.

The first batch of unlocked rewards will be made available primarily to long-time users who’ve been actively testing the platform since we opened the beta back in November, with the exception of a handful of newer members who’ve reached the minimum threshold by referring active members and collecting the 25 PRE per referral bonus.

Those who qualify for the first batch will receive notification emails before the end of this week.

There will be a weekly notification for the next batches as they reach the minimum threshold.

Your Presearch account will soon contain additional instructions and info on the process, and will also enable you to add your default ERC-20 compatible wallet addresses should you choose to withdraw rather than HODL.

The new beneficial search engine aiming to decentralize the internet search activity is growing and meeting up to their promises and agendas to the community.

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