To Lease your Turtle Network Tokens through Diuto Token Node on Turtle Network, you need the Turtle Network wallet. The wallet is available on Google Play Store

Once you are done downloading the wallet. You create a new wallet by following the instructions. You can follow our guide on how to create Turtle Network wallet. After creating the wallet. You buy Turtle Network Token using the Turtle Network Decentralized Exchange. You can also Buy Bitcoin to trade against TN in Turtle Network DEX. Once you are done buying your Bitcoin. Come over to BITCOIN GATEWAY on Turtle Network DEX ( Decentralized Exchange) and deposit your Bitcoin.

Head over to the Wallet App, under DEX. Then buy $TN token via BTC to TN market. You can also use the Online Wallet and DEX to buy $TN. After buying it. You can now go over to the Leasing Section of the app too and then lease your $TN using Diuto Token Node address. Input the address, 3Jca13WGLHmF22wqvRT6E1vDnEvVW51y4yz, input amount of TN you want to lease and click send to lease. The TN will still be in your wallet. Whenever you want, you can cancel the leasing and take back your $TN.

Diuto Token Node on Turtle Network Explorer.