[Weekly Crypto Overview]: Different Measures and Plans Being Put In Place To Avoid Crypto Scam In Nigeria

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20 total views, 1 views today The most discussed issue this week in Nigeria centered on making the country safe from cryptocurrency scam. New measures and plans were discussed to avoid crypto scam in Nigeria.  This week on our weekly cryptocurrency roundup. We will be looking into the whole event that happened in the space so far.…

SiBAN Introduces SiBAN Scam Alert To Fight Crypto Scam In Nigeria

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29 total views, 3 views today Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN) just introduced SiBAN SCAM ALERT to regulate crypto scam in the space.  Its not a new issue that while the industry is building to make the space safe for end users, cyber criminals on the other hand is trying cause harm. This affects…

CIBN Suggests A New Certification Badge For Online Payment Gateways In Nigeria.

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23 total views, 1 views today The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria disclosed an increase in the use of bitcoin among other payment gateways in nigeria. This it disclosed in its release on ‘The Nigerian Banker’, in its December 2019 edition. Part of the report on digital currencies read, “The CBN has also declared that digital…

Come And Learn Cryptocurrency At The Annual Bitcoin Conference Hosted By Gaius Chibueze On 6th Dec 2019 At Dubai

By Tony Diuto

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35 total views, 1 views today Come And Learn About Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology From Nigerian Experts At The annual Bitcoin Conference In Dubai. Bitcoin Chief invites the blockchain and cryptocurrency community in Nigeria to this event. The host, Gaius Chibueze is popularly known as Bitcoin Chief. The annual bitcoin conference in Dubai is dubbed BiTour. …

The Question Now Is, When Is The Bitcoin Bubble Happening?

By Tony Diuto

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30 total views, 1 views today Looking at the cryptocurrency market right now, many investors are not happy with what is going on. The question now is, when is the Bitcoin bubble? Investors are now aware that too much hope in projects that have no real product, use case or service is everywhere in the crypto industry. …

The Top Two White Label Crypto Exchange In Nigeria.

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26 total views, 2 views today Some people might be asking, what’s the number or list of White Label Crypto Exchange in Nigeria. But before then, let’s see the meaning or definition of this new windows open to startups in Nigeria. White Label Crypto Exchange is basically a cryptocurrency trading platform using the core features, trading machine…

Africa Will Define The Future, Especially The Bitcoin Future Says Jack Dorsey After Having His Third Bitcoin Meet-up In Africa.

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43 total views, 1 views today On leaving Africa after visiting Ethiopia. Jack said Africa will define the future of Bitcoin after spotting enormous growing game changers in various African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and the rest. Replying to the comment, Ngozi Okonjo-Iwela, former two time minister of Finance, Nigeria said; @Jack so glad you could make…

Bitcoin Crashes Down To $7100 In What Speculators Call Bitcoin Black Friday.

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32 total views, no views today This is what some enthusiasts has mimicked to be Bitcoin Black Friday for the cryptocurrency trading community.  The cryptocurrency markets continued on a downward slide today. Bitcoin (BTC) was dropping nearly 8% to settle at $7000, down from around $7,800 yesterday. Is that the Bitcoin Black Friday? The global crypto…

FirstRand Bank of South Africa notifies Cryptocurrency trading platforms of eminent withdraw of its banking service. 

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31 total views, no views today FirstRand Bank of South Africa notifies Cryptocurrency trading platforms of eminent withdraw of its banking service.  In a letter, FirstRand Bank said it will stop offering its services to any cryptocurrency exchange like Luno, ICEX and VALR. It will shut down accounts belonging to these exchanges and any other cryptocurrency…