Bitcoin News in Nigeria


Announcing Buidl Africa to Celebrate Blockchain Entrepreneurs in Africa Tireless Working for Good.

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“Africa will define the future (especially the bitcoin one!),” — CEO Twitter, Jack Dorsey.  Blockchain Technology is growing Africa and many opportunities abound in this industry. Foreign investors are seeking to invest in the high potential economy of Africa. With…

Bitsika, the Naira(abcd) Stablecoin Pioneer in Nigeria Records $1million Transaction few months After Launch.

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Bitsika, the Naira (ABCD) stablecoin pioneer in Nigeria records $1 million in transaction. This was few weeks after the launch of it’s mobile app, Bitsika on both android and ios. This includes both deposits, withdraws and money transfers on Bitsika…

Weekly Crypto Overview: The popularity of Collateral Loan Coin Grows in Africa

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On this Weekly Crypto Overview on Cryptocurrency, there was a lot of news on collateral loan coin (stablecoin) projects, mostly collateralized stablecoin.  Many platforms are creating it’s own collateral loan coins in a bid to have a share of the…

Understanding What is Stablecoin Like ABCD stablecoin Pegged to Naira and How It Works.

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Many at times we ask what is stablecoin and how it works. So now, you can read and understand what is stablecoin and how you can make money off stablecoins. Most cryptocurrencies are known to have a volatile price. Most…