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Top List of Blockchain Remote Job Websites to Get You a Pay in Bitcoin.

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This is a list of the top remote job websites that can pay you in Bitcoin for jobs in 2022 as you work from the comfort of your home. Bitcoin is changing the way freelancers get paid in this era…

Kenyan Blockchain Firm Partners NEAR Foundation For Regenerative Financing In Kenya

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Kenya-based blockchain community Sankore has partnered with Swiss nonprofit NEAR Foundation to launch a regional hub that aims to develop talent within the region and build projects that aim to improve the local ecosystem.  Sankore supports projects like Kilimo Shwari,…

UN Mission In Kenya Applauds Local Based Blockchain Initiative For Poverty Reduction.

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The United Nations (UN) mission in Kenya recently praised a local blockchain-based community inclusion currency (CIC) initiative for its part in helping to reduce poverty in one of the country’s poor informal settlements. The mission’s sentiments follow a tour of…

CargoX, Blockchain Doc Transfer Provider Extends Deal With Egypt.

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CargoX, a blockchain company dealing in document transfer solutions, announced a long-term extension to its agreement with the Egyptian government to digitize the nation’s trade flows. Project reps say the platform has transferred more than 1,100,000 actual trade and finance documents for…

Google Now Has Blockchain Division Plans Crypto Acceptance.

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Global tech giant, Google has started a new blockchain-based division as part of its Labs group. The division will also deal with other distributed computing and data storage technologies as Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce, stated on earlier in…