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Bitcoin Bills: FG Nigeria Considers Bills, Providing Legislative Framework for Digital Cash, Bitcoin and E-Currency

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FG (Federal Government) Nigeria on Tuesday commented on the available Bills, providing Legislative Framework for Digital Cash, Bitcoin and E-Currency.

SEC Nigeria Will Be Releasing New Guidelines For the Regulation of Digital Assets—Cryptocurrency.

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Fintech Association of Nigeria confirms that SEC Nigeria will be releasing new guidelines for the regulation of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Will Help Nigeria to Achieve Financial Inclusion Through Mobile Money Services.

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Coming to Nigeria, the story is not the same. The first mobile money service in Nigeria dates back to 2009. Since then, a dozen new mobile money service providers have emerged with Paga currently, topping the list. 

Federal Government of Nigeria Begins Disbursement of Stimulus Package Using Banks, But Crypto not Welcome.

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Following the plans by the government to distribute stimulus package to support businesses, the sharing of the first tranche of the Central Bank of Nigeria N50bn targeted credit facility have started.

China to Form National Blockchain Committee With Tencent, Huawei, Baidu and Others.

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China is looking to take over the blockchain space while the other world powers are still trying to recover from the adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Top Nigerian Banks Looking to Take Over the Fintech and Digital Currency and Payment Space in Nigeria

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While many fintech startups are emerging in Nigeria, banks and financial institutions are re-positioning to maintain their stronghold. Moreso, crypto companies are emerging to provide user-friendly products to their customers.

Images of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Surfaces the Internet.

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Screenshots of the supposed online test wallet for the China’s Central Bank Digital Currency has surfaced the internet following an announcement that its use will be tested in four major cities of China.

Kenya’s Safaricom and Vodacom Fully Acquire M-Pesa Following the Launch of Bonga Points. 

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Kenya’s Safaricom and South Africa’s Vodacom have fully acquired M-Pesa, the largest mobile money operator in Kenya and East Africa.

‘Save Bitcoin, the People’s Money’, Says Robert Kiyosaki the Author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

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Following the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on global economies, which has left the poor households in most affected nations exposed to series of hardships, many experts have provided insights on possible ways to control the incident and…

Egypt Encourages E-Payment Systems Following New Cases of Coronavirus in the Country.

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Following the new cases of coronavirus recorded in Egypt, the Central Bank of Egypt has urged egyptians to limit their use of banknotes and to always use mobile phone wallets and other e-payments systems. Egyptian banks were also instructed to…