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UCC to Utilize DLT (Blockchain) For SIM Card Registration and Verification in Uganda

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The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has recently partnered with CryptoSavannah and FSD Uganda to pilot Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in Sim Card registration and verification in Uganda.

Four Countries in Africa Looking to Create Central Bank Digital Currency to Achieve Financial Inclusion.

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In a bid to achieve financial inclusion in the government, some African countries are looking into creating Central Bank Digital Currency .  There is an increase in the growth of cryptocurency in Africa which has called for regulations due to…

What is the Difference Between Public Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Explained.

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Many at times, we are confused with this terms blockchain or public blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The bull market of both markets saw a big publicity during the bitcoin bubble of 2017. Both terms are similar and also have…