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Nigerians Must Accept e-Naira: CBN Says.

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The Central Bank of Nigeria notes that the e-naira which is set to be launched on October 1 is a legal tender equal to the value of the naira and therefore must be accepted as a form of payment by…

Will Nigerian Banks Survive eNaira ?

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The much anticipated unveil­ing of digital currency by the Central Bank of  Nigeria (CBN), also known as e-naira, according to analysts, is a major step in digital banking that will benefit consumers but not good for the banks. ­In this…

Central Bank Of Nigeria Designs Strategies To Nigerian Banks On e-Naira

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The Central bank of Nigeria has recently sent a presentation to Nigerian banks on the development of the e-Naira project, The presentation covered a detailed explanation of how the eNaira would be constructed, administered and its operational module. According to…