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Nigeria Inflation Reduced for The First In Near A Year To 21%.

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Nigeria’s hyperinflation reduced for the first time in 11 months in December, raising the chance that the central bank will slow the pace of interest rate hikes ahead of presidential elections next month.  The inflation rate fell to 21.3% from…

Ghana Increases Benchmark Interest Rate To An All Time Record, As The President Promises To Fight Cedi Fall.

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Following the skyrocket inflation rate recorded by Ghana, the Bank of Ghana has devised measures to tame the tide by hiking the benchmark interest rate by 300 basis points. In addition to the rate hike, the central bank said it…

Bank Of Ghana Increases Interest Rate By 22% Over Rising Inflation, Forex Crisis.

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Ghana Cedi is experiencing the worst performance in 17 years shedding further 2.7% in Monday. Ghana’s central bank on Wednesday delivered its biggest rate hike ever, a 300 basis point increase to 22% (GHCBIR=ECI), at an emergency meeting to address the…

Nigeria Inflation Reaches 17 Year High, Nears 20% As Crypto Traders Go For Stablecoin USDT, BUSD.

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The National Bureau of Statistics has said Nigeria’s headline inflation rate increased to 19.64 per cent on a year-on-year basis in July, the highest since 2005, in the same vein crypto traders in Nigeria are saving in stablecoins to forestall…

Ghana Inflation Rises Further To 31.7 % All Time Record…, as Cedi Falls 30% Against Dollar.

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Ghana’s inflation rate rose higher in the month of July 2022 from 29.8% recorded in June to 31.7% in July , the nation’s currency Cedi falls 30% against dollar since the inflation hike, becoming second worst performing currency in the…

Ghana Inflation Hits 27% High for The First Time In 18 Years.

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Inflation in Ghana by May 2022 increased to 27.6% within a year from 23.6% in April 2021, statistics agency data showed on recently, hitting a new 18-year high and marking a full year of skyrocket price growth. The central bank…