Weekly News Overview On Cryptocurrency News.

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31 total views, no views today This is a weekly news round up of events concerning some remarkable happenings around the cryptocurrency community. Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Congress this week concerning Libra Project. The outcome of the hearing wasn’t interesting because US Congress seems to be uncomfortable with the idea of Libra Cryptocurrency—which they…

Twitter CEO, Dorsey Says Twitter Will Never Join Libra Launch As It Prefers Using Bitcoin On Its Platform.

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15 total views, 1 views today As per the twitter thread from Hollywood Editor Alex Weprin. Twitter CEO Dorsey says twitter will and is not planning to join the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency by Facebook.. Twitter CEO Dorsey had reportedly gave a straight forward answer when asked about Twitter joining Libra Association by Ben Smith, Editor-in-chief…

Facebook Launches Ad Break For Video Creators On Facebook To Monetize Video Contents.

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10 total views, 2 views today Facebook rolls out Ad Break to help video creators monetize their content in Nigeria,Kenya,Ghana and South Africa. The Ad Break comes in three formats, “ mid-roll shown during the video; pre-roll shown before the video; and an un-interruptive video that stay below the video content throughout the video play ”. Things…

China’s Digital Currency To Be Transacted Through Physical Contact Against Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency.

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18 total views, 1 views today HuAccording to Shanghai Securities News, Mu recently published details on PBoC’s digital currency – apparently being carried out in a secret office away from the bank’s Beijing headquarters. He described it as a digital currency and electronic payment tool with “value characteristics.” My Changchun “Its functional attributes are exactly the same…

Things You Must Know About Libra Cryptocurrency. The Facebook New Cryptocurrency.

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11 total views, no views today Libra Cryptocurrency dubbed Facebook cryptocurrency is set to launch mid 2020 after the whitepaper was released in June 2019. Many financial institutions has taken a negative stance towards Libra development. Some notable financial institutions around the world has spoken on its negative effects towards the financial institutions. The US government…

What Is The Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Called Libra Cryptocurrency.

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12 total views, 1 views today Libra cryptocurrency is the new Facebook digital money dubbed Libra which was announced on Tuesday June 18 by Facebook. The Facebook new cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ was created to “enable a single global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people”. It will help users send and receive money on WhatsApp, Facebook…