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Top Metaverse Projects To Watch Out In 2022

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The metaverse trend in crypto ecosystem is gaining more momentum in 2022. Adoption of metaverse as a mainstream phenomenon is also growing. The just concluded January big tennis sporting event; Australian Open Tennis Grandslam tournament was also premiered on Decentraland…

A Virtual Plot Of Land Sold For $2.4 Million In MANA Decentraland Metaverse, As The Token Surge To 500% Price in November.

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A piece of virtual real estate in the online world Decentraland sold for a record $2.4 million worth of cryptocurrency, the buyer crypto investor Tokens.com (COIN.NLB) and Decentraland said on Tuesday. Decentraland is an online environment – also called a…

These Metaverse Tokens Can Set You Up For Life.

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You know that feeling when you discovered huge money stached and forgotten somewhere in your abode, and discovered right when you’re broke? Or something more than that is the joy that comes from growing gains of these trending metaverse tokens….

Taste Of Metaverse Through Cross-Chain Games

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The ability of Blockchain networks to communicate, interact and share data is becoming a reality with cross-chain NFT games. The world is steering towards a new form of digital privilege with the metaverse based on the blockchain. The concept of…